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Our Culture


What is The KWAY?  Simply put, it is “The KWA way” – A Manifestation of the thoughts and behaviors we maintain that makes our organization unique. It is what is considered exceptional about our employees, our expectations of one another and our culture.  It is how we do what we do that makes us different.  We define it with the following values:

Service – Helping others and going the extra mile.

Leadership – Having a vision and guiding others in that direction.

Integrity – Upholding values and doing the right thing no matter what.

Commitment – Everyone pulling in the same direction towards the vision.

Empowerment – Encouraging personal and career development.

The KWAY is intertwined into all aspects of our business and personal lives; from the way our employees interact and respect one other, to how our company puts its employees first. We enjoy creating fun activities and even incentives to help communicate the traits we value and put them into action. No matter which way you SLICE it, The KWAY is a state of mind.

The FUN Committee

To supplement The KWAY, we also have a group of volunteers who make up the KWA Fun Committee. This team meets regularly to plan ways to celebrate our successes – something we have a great deal of experience in! The Fun Committee is always brainstorming new and creative ways for our employees to engage in some friendly teambuilding – from axe throwing, to office putt-putt, to cookouts in the parking lot – they’re always taking suggestions! They also plan annual companywide celebrations, such as; tailgating and attending Texas Rangers games, white elephant gift exchanges and our KWA holiday parties. In addition to company-sponsored events, our employees take it upon themselves to engage in celebrations and recognition for life events and milestones.

If you are interested in learning more about our culture to see if you would like to join our team, we would love to hear from you. Email us at careers@kwaconstruction.com.

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